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    Rivals Gaming Forum Rules


    Continuing further will deem you as The Account Holder accept the following Terms & Conditions and understand that by not following these may result in permanent banning of your in-game account and-or your rivals gaming forum account.

    You are responsible for the actions and / or comments that are made from your account. Do not give your password to anyone, if you do, we are not responsible if your account gets a fine touch.


    I. Spam
    a. Spamming is not allowed within the forums.

    II. Pornography
    a. Pornography is strictly prohibited within the forum.

    III. Advertising
    a. Do not advertise other sites unless you ask permission.

    IV. Language
    a. No flames or aggressive language are tolerated being friendly context or not. Should you be victim of an insult, contact a moderator / administrator to resolve the issue.
    b. Please write only in English in any Thread/topic and in the chat box. As long as you don't insult anybody, you can write in your normal languages only in PMs!

    V. Shift - All caps
    a. Posting replies or making new threads completely in CAPS is prohibited, due to it being seen as "screaming".
    b. Posting parts of your thread in CAPS, where you are trying to "scream".

    VI. Necro-post
    a. Necro-post is the act of "reviving" an old issue. Shortly said, to post a reply to a topic that was written long ago. This is frowned upon as it creates confusion.

    VII. Multi-post
    a. Multiple posts (more than once) to gain the attention of the staff, or any other player is forbidden.
    b. Before creating a new thread, search the forums to see if a thread relating to the same topic has already been created.

    VIII. Titles
    a. Place a lining under every title to keep away any confusion.

    IX. Avatars (UB)
    a. To facilitate the reading of the topics in the forums, avatars cannot have more than (width by height) 150x150 pixels.
    b. As previous rule states Pornography is strictly prohibited.

    X. Signatures
    a. Due to the recent release of our widgets we would like to state some rules regarding forum signatures, by all means we would not like to discourage you from expressing yourself via images in your signature.
    b. Maximum Dimensions allowed are 762 x 100 pixels.
    c. Max of 2 images per signature.
    d. As previous rule states Pornography is strictly prohibited.

    XI. Moderation from Users
    a. No user that is not part of the Staff Forum is entitled to act as moderator. Example of things NOT to say:
    i. Remember the rules to a user who fails to comply.
    ii. Remember to read the rules to a user who fails to comply.
    iii. This post is in the wrong section.
    iv. Close this thread is useless.

    XII. Report issues or forum posts
    a. To all users of the forum; messages that break any rule as said here must be reported by clicking the Report button. At no time will we allow any user to respond to a subject who is off-limits from the forum rules, to help, to scold, or to assist you by helping you get what you want. As stated above, we don't want ANYBODY acting as moderators if they aren't part of the staff.
    b. When reporting a topic or post that violates the forum rules, you must specify to which rule the post or tread is being violated.

    XIII. Liability accounts
    a. Each user is responsible for the actions and / or comments that are made from your account. Do not give your password to anyone, if you do, we are not responsible if your account gets a fine touch. The Rivals Gaming staff will NEVER ask you for your information.

    XIV. About hoaxes and scams
    a. Do not buy or sell anything, being in-game or on the forums. Only you are responsible if you get scammed. The staff can do little about any scams, however, if any data is provided and / or if you have sufficient evidence, we could assist to catch the culprit.

    XV. Flooding
    a. To make threads and / or messages without useful content just to increase the count of messages on the forum is strictly forbidden.

    XVI. Shout-box
    a. Do not place any over-sized text and NEVER post pornographic links or any abusing links of any kind.
    b. Please do not spam in the Shout-box:
    i. Excessive amount of messages.
    ii. For an ETA if the game servers are offline.
    c. Do not express negative messages within the shoutbox, This includes things like but is not limited to:
    i. Situations you do not like about the game you are playing.
    ii. Reasons for leaving the game you played.
    iii. Anything that could discourage new comers from experiencing our games.
    d. Do not Insult in the Shout-box.
    e. Only write English in Shout-box.
    f. Anyone who violates this rule will potentially take a permanent ban.

    XVII. Racism
    a. Racism in any form is completely prohibited.

    XVIII. Report/Unban Threads
    a. Only 1 thread is permitted per person per ban instance. Once your thread has been reviewed and closed don't go making more threads about the same topic.

    XIX. Do not direct Threads to a single person or a group/clan such as "To Kani, RUSHER please read". Threads like this will be closed immediately and/or deleted by a Gmod/mod.

    XX. Do not spam forum Threads with typing "Thanks". Instead of that, use a button for expressing your thanks.

    XXI. Keep in mind, that you can "bump" your thread only once per 24 hours.

    XXII. Do not advertise other emulators! This includes:

    a. Mentioning the name of another emulator within a thread or shoutbox.
    b. Posting video links to other emulators.
    c. Comparing DeadZ to any other emulator, we like to be different and unique.

    XXIII. Do not question Mod/Staff decisions based on in-game changes -or- in forum decisions. *NEW

    XXIV. Unban requests which have not been updated by requester duriing 2 weeks period, are going to be closed / deleted.

    XXV. Forum Cleanup

    a. Forums will be cleaned from time to time, this is where information is collected and old posts are removed.
    b. This will have effect on your post count.
    i. There is no need to inform us of your post count decreasing.

    These Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time, it is your responsibility to make sure your read and understand these conditions before continuing.


    Rival Gaming Forum Staff
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