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  1. eplit3set556
  2. ok.. i think your original account is on unbanned!
  3. sir, i wanna clear something, im a premium user and i get BANNED for looting snipers in area51 thats what sacrifice said, i abused the loot, but i dont know that looting so much sniper is illegal
    is normal for a player to loot snipers when they saw one right? im a computer shop owner and i invited a lot of my customers to play DEADZ, i even invited them to donate and be premium but
    we were so upset of what happend being banned for looting snipers. I hope you understand, my IGN is Friday my username is, Can you investigate and get back my account? you can delete some of the snipers if you want. But if I didnt get it back my customers will also quit, were almost 20 players here, please here me. I know ull understand., thanks
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