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  1. Hi Nextwave.

    I am sorry to hear and you don't really make yourself clear. Has this something to do with a post I made or just my playstyle ingame?
    I don't want to be disrespectful and I totally don't want people to think that I don't want new / more players in the game. The best example I can give you is with my video's. I dedicate a lot of time to them and I REALLY want people to come back to the game.

    Yes. I kill anyone I see, and that is why I join a PVP map. I didn't know that was unwanted in the game?

    I feel really sorry for the player(s?) I've been disrespectfull to and I really want to sort this out.

    Again, my intentions are not to push people away from the game but just to get more people to the game.

  2. You sir, have absolutely no care about players or how this game plays.. you kill anyone you see and have no intentions to make players feel welcome in game.
    KOS (Kill On Sight) is completely disrespectful and unwanted in any game.. I don't wanna see or hear about any 'game play' complaints. Bugs, fine.. but as for loot or how the game plays.. I dont want to hear anything.
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